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We have a new album out entitled, “Down To The Wire“


What’s it all about?

I call it  "American vibes melt into traditional shrimp-rock-blues".

Most of the songs were written down in Florida where my parents live part-time

That’s why I call it shrimp-rock blues. And I like the beach & shrimp!

The last couple of years I really dig the old traditional delta blues from the 30’s and some of the basic elements of the songs were further developed out of simple bluesy dobro slide ideas.

We just designed the New website (thanks Nik). Have fun clicking!


It took a long time to finish the new album & we really tried to capture the most natural sounds out of a simple setup of: guitar-cables-pedalbords-more cables-amp head-speakercable-speaker cabinet – speaker-air-microphones-more cable etc..

Changing just one of those (what people may think) simpler elements like a cable varies in sound to such a hard degree, you can spent weeks just experimenting and trying different stuff!

And I‘m in love with differenet tones ! But I am glad I have some other “ears“ (thanks Rolf/the engineer).


Usually I know exactly which guitar, speaker, cable, amp etc. I’m going to use for which part of the song before I hit the studio. But there is always some changes to be made.

It’s exciting to explore and be pleased & amazed by the results & it puts this big smile on my face.

I guess, this is what’s all about.


Be happy !

Have a great time & enjoy!